So, how did we get here?

A basic overview of who i am.

It all started roughly in 2013, when I first created my YouTube account, after being inspired by other YouTubers such as:

CaptainSparklez, Grian, SethBling, DanTDM, Mumbo Jumbo and many more... (Mostly Minecraft channels.)

Though my channel is from 2013, I only started creating content many years later. Though it was content, I despise it to this day. Today I really hate how my old content looks, but thats just how most content creators think. (As far as I know.) I have recently also started streaming a little on, and hope to continue to do so a lot more.

Today, I do a lot of memes and also a bit of gaming videos. I am slowly trying to phase in more gaming and less memes, though the memes will always continue to appear.

Oh? Like what you see?

Spoiler Alert: I am an amateur photographer too!

Here's some of my favorite photos!

Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia

Any image on this site may not be redistributed.

My house, somewhere in Denmark

Any image on this site may not be redistributed.

Then vs now

How have i changed over the years?

My content


When i first started making content, i had absolutely no knowledge in video editing, coding or even language, though i tried my best. My logo was this ugly one you can see here. 

my content


Today, now that i have a lot more subscribers i feel obligated to make better content, in higher quality than ever. This is my current logo, which is much more modern and has a more personal feel to it.



Back when i first started on youtube, my content was very poorly edited, and lacked a ton of personality. As mentioned, I had no idea what I was doing back then.



I now have access to professional grade editing software, and high quality equipment to assist me when i create my videos, along with a much better understanding of the tools i use.


Some common questions, answered fast.

Why this whole content thing?

Why even bother?

Currently I don't do it for money at all. So why even bother? I get that question a lot, and i have a simple answer; I enjoy it. I like reading comments, and seeing that people like my creations.

Can't you just pick one platform?

Why don't just only do youtube?

No. I can't just pick a single playform for everything. That wouldn't work. Streams are on Twitch, videos are on YouTube, that's how it is, and always will be. It works best like this.

So where can i find you?

Any other socials?

You can find me on Twitch, YouTube, Steam (Group) and Discord.

Any interests?

What are your hobbies and interests?

My hobbies are the following: Gaming, server hosting, tech stuff, photography, coding, content creation and sleeping.

So that's all?

For now, yes. But you can always check out my youtube channel.